VP Business Development

BG (Ret) Kuti Mor
  • 2011 - Joined Elul Tamarynd Ltd. in January 2011, following a long, distinguished career in the IDF and Ministry of Defense

  • Former MOD Deputy Director General and Head of its Rehabilitation Div.; MOD Chief of Staff; Head of MOD NY Purchasing Mission; MOD representative to the US Departments of Defense and State 

  • 1992 - Retired from his active service in the IDF Intelligence Corp. at the rank of Brig. General; Deputy Director of IDF Military Intelligence; Military Secretary to Defense Ministers Rabin and Arens; Commander, IDF Liaison Unit to Foreign Forces

  • 1970 - B.A., Tel-Aviv University in Middle Eastern Studies; professional and academic courses in management and business law

  • 1946 - Born in Haifa, Israel, married to Hella with 3 children, Elad (1970), Ifat (1973) and Doron (1980)

Israel Office:

11 Tuval Street

Ramat Gan 5252226, Israel

Tel. +972 (3) 753-7777

Fax. +972 (3) 753-7700


US Office:

250 East 65th St., #13E

New York, NY 10065, USA

Tel. +1 (212) 223-7308

Fax. +1 (212) 223-7311