Israel Office:

11 Tuval Street

Ramat Gan 5252226, Israel

Tel. +972 (3) 753-7777

Fax. +972 (3) 753-7700


US Office:

250 East 65th St., #13E

New York, NY 10065, USA

Tel. +1 (212) 223-7308

Fax. +1 (212) 223-7311


AIMS assist American and other international companies with industrial cooperation commitments in Israel, locate Israeli companies that know how to manufacture and supply products and equipment that meet the requirements of American and other companies.


For instance, AIMS assisted GD LAND SYSTEMS, with its high scope of industrial cooperation obligations, to locate the Israeli companies that could take part in the program.


AIMS also assist Israeli companies with obligations of industrial cooperation abroad, to locate manufacturers overseas who know how to meet their requirements.


AIMS is also responsible for the planning, managing and implementation of business opportunities, related to the export activities of Israeli security companies to various countries abroad.