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Taldor Engineering Services has been the driving force of all program management and after-sale services executed by Elul Technologies subsidiaries.

Taldor Engineering Services covers every aspect of program management:
Project development and coordination, selection and monitoring of subcontractors, QA and QC, coordination of technical teams, customer liaison, after-sales field services, integrated logistics support and administration.

At Taldor Engineering Services, we are channeling our many years of experience in the defense industry to the benefit of our principals and their customers.

Our network and profound knowledge of the home market, enables us to identify Israeli manufacturers and service providers for our principals, making sure both requirements and schedules are met.


Once the best local subcontractor for the project is found, we provide all the support necessary for the subcontractor management.

Together with AIMS, we provide the complete package for industrial cooperation:

  • Communication with Israel’s Industrial Cooperation Authority and the Ministry of Defense (AIMS)

  • Commercial and legal support for contractual aspects (AIMS)

  • Technology location and technical requirements review (Taldor)

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