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Elul Technologies

Your Partner for the Defense & Aerospace Industries

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At Elul Technologies, we value our partners and are committed to providing them with the best, most advanced solutions and services while maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. We fully undertake to deliver on our commitments.


Understanding our partners' needs is top priority when approaching any project. We believe that cooperating with our customers inspires innovation, open communication and encourages creative thinking. Through synergy, we build trust and enhance ways to achieve success.

Full-Service Experience

Our full-service approach ensures that our principals and partners will keep a leading edge over the competition.

We provide a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, services and global resources to ensure flawless execution in a cost-effective manner.

  • Aerospace technology 

  • Commercial and defense avionics - Subsystems and Sensors 

  • Airborne and Combat Vehicles engines

  • Power-Packs and propulsion systems

  • Missiles and rockets

  • Combat vehicles

  • Naval systems

  • Airborne and ground-based engines

  • Homeland security and border protection

  • Satcom

  • Space communications

  • Electro-optical systems

  • Law-enforcement equipment

  • Security Detection Technology

  • Detection for security applications

  • Safety instruments

  • Armament systems and ammunition

  • Cyber security

Elul Technologies represents some of the world's leading corporations in the fields of Defense and Aerospace, introducing the world with the most advanced technologies and applications.  

New Generation Technology
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